BUILDING & GROUNDS Mickey Kroll 770-355-5031
COMMUNITY SERVICE Steve Darnowsky  770-277-6330
EDUCATION Jonathan Schloss and Debbie Rotter
FINANCE Anne Finkelman 770-923-9439 or
FUNDRAISING Janet Abis  770-313-1800
MEMBERSHIP Randy Comins  404-317-6350
SOCIAL Janet Abis 770-313-1800
ONEG Ronnie Pesserilo and Randy Comins

Building and Grounds Committee oversees the supervision and care of Temple Beth David and its properties. The committee members repair or replace defective or broken items, contact a professional company, or will ask other members with  the assistance of the repair.

Community Service Committee

Finance Committee has the general authority to audit all finances of the Congregation and bills presented against it, to prepare an annual budget subject to Congregation approval and to supervise generally the financial affairs of the Congregation. It may determine dues of individual members. The committee has the responsibility to review all new member applications and to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees based on these applications.

Education Committee is responsible for formulating and administering the educational programs of the congregation, including proposing the religious school’s objectives and administering that school. The Education Committee provides support for the Education Director as requested. The Education Committee exists and acts separately from the religious school.

Membership Committee shall assist with the promoting and securing of new members and retention of existing members.

The Ritual Committee in consultation with the Rabbi sets the guidelines for all holidays and ritual practices of Temple Beth David. Be it solemn or festive, the committee exists to assure the vibrancy, decorum, enthusiasm, and participation for all TBD families is at the forefront in planning.

Social Committee shall organize events for adults and youths and shall organize and participate in community service activities. The social aspect of this committee is dedicated to people meeting people in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to strengthen the fellowship of the congregation through friendship, spirituality and good times. We also organize and give of our time at the Jewish Family Shelter and head the Isaiah Food Drive.

Fundraising Committee helps ensure the fiscal health of Temple Beth David by engaging in fundraising activities designed to be fun, of service to our members, and attractive to the community at large.

Oneg Committee It is an honor to sponsor an Oneg to mark a special occasion, honor the memory of a loved one, or just because! Please contact any member of the Oneg Committee in order to book a date. We thank you for your commitment to making our Oneg Shabbats truly a joyous part of our Shabbat experience at TBD.