Religious School

Sunday and Hebrew schools are a mainstay of TBD’s education program. Sunday school is offered for kindergarten through seventh grade. Our Sunday school curriculum covers the following subject areas for each grade level: Holidays & Symbols, Prayer & God, Jewish Values, Jewish Customs & Practices and Bible & History. Different objectives within each grade level assure that students learn new material every year. TBD’s Hebrew school curriculum revolves around the Hebrew used for Shabbat and Holiday prayers, rituals and customs.

To maintain a tie to the greater Atlanta Jewish community, TBD’s Education Director attends monthly directors’ meetings sponsored by Atlanta’s Jewish Educational Service. Our Education Department is also guided by our Education Committee, which is comprised of TBD members. The Education Committee works with the school director to maximize the educational programming and resources available to all of our members.

Temple Beth David is very proud to have a superior Confirmation program for eighth, ninth and tenth graders. The Confirmation curriculum has been designed exclusively for Temple Beth David. Over the three years of confirmation, students study the entire Tanach (Torah, Prophets and Writings.) Everyday issues, ethical questions and moral dilemmas are referenced back to the Tanach for examples, conversation and resolutions. This class is so popular, that TBD is now offering an Adult Confirmation Class!